Writer’s Prayer

God, give me the grace to write with serenity

The things that I should write,

Courage to edit the things

Which should be changed,

And the wisdom to distinguish

The worthwhile from the worthless.

Writing one line at a time,

Accepting that discipline is the pathway to Publication,

Taking, not as Hemingway did,

But the blank page and curser before me,

Not as I would have it,

Trusting my editor to make it right,

I surrender to his knowledge,

So that I may be reasonably happy with my publisher,

And supremely happy with my work.


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The Cottage

The living room is smallish with a large over stuffed couch dominating the room.  The couch faces a large picture window where I can gaze upon the beauty outside.  There is a window seat on that picture window, wide and deep, perfect for an afternoon of reading or contemplation.

The view from this window is of a wooded place.  There are numerous trees of different varieties.  The sunlight dapples the earth as it shines down through the trees.  In the distance, just barely in view, is a small lake.  I can see a small square of blue from here.

There is a fireplace with a huge elaborate rug in front of it.  I can envision lying there, cozily napping or making love.   One wall houses a large bookshelf lined with hundreds of books just waiting to be explored; their colorful spines making me instantly curious.

I kick my shoes off as I look down at the floor.  The floors are carpeted with a soft caramel colored rug that is deep and plush.  I sink down into this like sand and I can feel the softness between my toes.

The walls are painted a soft beige color with white trim.  The paintings on the walls are done in soft, muted colors.  Close at hand are large, cushiony pillows or blankets in which envelope myself.

Everything is designed to be soft, cozy, intimate and peaceful.

The kitchen is small but functional.  There is a breakfast nook.  This is a cozy place to enjoy my morning coffee.

As you enter the bedroom, the first thing you see is a large 4 poster bed.   It’s made of dark cherry wood.   The bed is made up with soft feather down blankets and light as air pillows.  There are sheer white lace curtains on the windows.  The window is open and there is a soft breeze that brings in the sweet scent of pine and wild flowers.

The bathroom has a large, deep claw-foot bath tub.  With privacy not an issue, there is a large window where I can gaze out into the forest and watch the birds or the deer as I bathe.

There is a winding path that takes me to the lake.  In the surrounding woods, I can see white-tailed deer, quail and various song birds.

At the lake there is a large swing under a beautiful maple tree in which to sit and watch the ducks swim and the fish jump in the lake.

Walking back up the trail I can see the front of the cottage.  There are flower beds that line the front of the building.  The flowers are colorful and fragrant.  Just off to one side is a picnic table with an umbrella and a BBQ grill.

I come here when I need to escape the day to day grind.  When life gets to be too much.  I’m very fortunate that the trip to get here is not a long one.  All I have to do to get here is close my eyes.

** This was written in response to the writing prompt “Ideal Place”.  

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Cleaning Up the Media Library

I was looking for an older post of mine and in the process, I discovered that several of my posts no longer had pictures!

I found the post that I wanted, but the picture I had posted with it was gone, like so many others!

I thought I would just go into my Media Library and repost the picture.  Well, I had done some house cleaning some time back and the picture is no longer there.  I deleted it.

I didn’t want my Media Library to get too full.  I have no idea how many pictures I can store.  So I deleted ones that I didn’t think I would use again.

If I delete the picture in my Media Library, does WordPress then delete it from the post it was used in?  Do you know?  

If that’s the case, I am going to have to recreate some of those pictures!  Booo!  😦

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What a Blabber Mouth!

WordPress tells me that I have 200 Posts!  I had no idea.  Who knew I had so much to say!  I consider myself a pretty quiet person.  What a Blabber Mouth I am!  🙂

I enjoy my time on WordPress and have made some good connections and what I consider friendships.  I enjoy checking in on my Favorite Bloggers to see how they are doing.

I’ve been doing my best (although it seems incredibly slow, I am making progress) to spend more time on my WIP novel.  So I don’t get here as often as I used to.  I know that I miss a lot as I scroll through the Reader.

So if you wonder why you haven’t seen the Likes or Comments from me that you used to, that’s why.  Please know that I’m still here.   I’m a little further in the background.  But I’m still here, cheering you on!

THANK YOU to all of you that follow me.  I’m a little overwhelmed and extremely flattered that you would bother to look in on me and my life.

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A Past Life

I grew up just after the hippie was cool.  I wore bell bottom, hip-hugger jeans, head bands and midriff-bearing tops.  Love beads.  My dad was furious with me because every time he took a photo, I was making the “peace sign” with my fingers in the air.  My mom was furious because every time she got rid of my too-short shorts, I managed to save them from the garbage men only to get caught wearing them again.  I wore flowers in my hair and I thought living in a commune would be a cool idea.

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World’s Coolest Dog

I have the world’s coolest dog.  If this picture doesn’t convince you, 

Then you need to know a little more about Rocket and his daily duties and activities.       Being the man of the house, he takes his role very seriously.

 He protects me at all costs.

While keeping a close watch on my belongings, he’s ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice.


He’s smart enough to dress appropriately, no matter the situation.


Truth be told, he is just a little vain about his looks.  It doesn’t help that I am always telling him how handsome he is!

He’ll be ready to root for your favorite team!

Or jump in the car along side me, ready for the next adventure.


He does enjoy his creature comforts!

But being so adorable IS pretty exhausting.  So one of Rocket’s favorite things to do is to snuggle.

If Rocket isn’t THE world’s coolest dog, he must be a close runner up!

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Miracle Roses

A little summer miracle in the garden.

Be sure to look for the little miracles that are around us every day!

Happy Summer!


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