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Please welcome Alpha Wolf Survival to WordPress. He is just getting his blog up and running and has done a very touching piece here about childhood memories and family. I hope you will give him a warm WordPress welcome.

Alpha Wolf Survival

This morning the skies were overcast and the wind pushed the tree tops around outside my window. The temperature was a cozy 75 degrees and the gloom of the impending rain forced the children to remain inside. The television seemed a viable option even though we don’t tend to make that a habit for them. Amazingly enough we were able to find some good wholesome cartoons from my youth that are still being aired. I thought this would be the perfect time to take the kids back to a time that I grew up in. But how could I get that feeling of childhood enjoyment that I felt when I was so young? Cartoon selection was a good start. I flipped thru the hundreds of channels that grace our television the whole time recalling that only three channels existed in our community when I was there age, turning the old…

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I'm a Freelance Writer that writes in several genres. I've been blogging for more than 5 years and have a growing following. I am working on 2 novels that I hope to have completed in the near future.
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