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If You’re Happy And You Know It

I’m happy.  I don’t really know why, but I feel really good.  My life is going well and I’m just… happy! Maybe it seems strange to you that I would talk about happiness this way, but I am so grateful … Continue reading

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You are the magician, pulling my heart from that black hat. You hold that fragile organ on the tip of your tongue. To be cut out with a phrase. To leave it exposed is risking the darkness.

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Light of Day

Light of Day First of all, I apologize for not posting more.  I’ve had my head up my butt and I think I am just starting to see the light of day. A few of you that have followed me … Continue reading

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I always knew there was something Dark in you.  Then the day came when you revealed your true self. You didn’t see me hidden in the dark as I followed you. Your rituals, rehearsed and practiced millions of times.  Would … Continue reading

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Dragons in the Dark

My dragons burrow deep and sleep the sleep of the evil.  They lie in wait.  They make sure I have my defenses down; that I am once again comfortable in my own skin. My peripheral vision sees the shadow of … Continue reading

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