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Rusty Knight

Originally posted on Poet's Corner:
It had been so cold and alone, those days in the dark. There was a sadness on her soul and also in her heart. She looked to the stars, the moon and the sun.…

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Fragile Heart

This is something I wrote a Long time ago.   The person I wrote it for will recognize it immediately.  I think it’s some of my best work. I have been working to promote my work a little more lately … Continue reading

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What is a Writer?

I’ve seen several people’s description of a “Writer”.  Looking at Dictionary.com, it says that it is “a person engaged in writing books, articles, stories”, etc. It also says it is a “person who commits his or her thoughts to writing”. … Continue reading

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Let Me Slumber

Under the stars, the grass is cool against my fevered skin. You are in silhouette, but I know your breath as it warms me. The fireflies dance, as if in celebration. The breezes carry your scent to me. I’m intoxicated … Continue reading

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The Heart Never Forgets

My fingertips forget the stubble of your beard. My lips forget the corners of your mouth. My eyes forget your gaze. I can forget the scent of your skin. The rush of my blood when your hand touches mine…forgotten. But … Continue reading

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Damn You

Damn you. I swore you were right here.  I touched you, I know I did. As I come back to myself, your scent lingers. Damn you. I ache for your touch. Closing my eyes is futile.  You’re not here. Leave … Continue reading

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How Did We Let It go?

How did we let it go? It was in the palm of our hands. But it slipped through our fingers like shadows. I open my eyes to pull you to me. You disappear into the shadows. How did we let … Continue reading

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